Self Criticism I-VI
21st - 26th May 2012
Esperantoplatsen 7-9

Participatory vs. Consensus, Self Criticism I-VI was a self-organized pedagogical platform produced by Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival and coordinated by Anders Paulin, with the aim of investigating different perspectives on participatory practices in a collective forum.

Monday 21st May – Saturday 26th of May, a combination of Living Room and Working Space was established at Esperantoplatsen, where individuals working within the field met to exchange experiences, knowledge, doubts, structural traps and sometimes even solutions.
The basic idea was an accessible space, aiming for informal strategies for knowledge production and quality leisure time on a self organized basis, where everyone participating took part of defining notions, forms and methods for the platform during the week.

Some participants stayed for a couple of hours, some for the whole week, some guests where invited and some joined by coincidence and stayed for some days.
Each day was centered around a public dinner, used as a transition from a working space to a public venue, where the discussion of the day continued.

Food and entrance was free for all.