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KAFAK (FAAKK aka AFAKK) 11 March - 24 April 2010
by Anders Paulin in co-operation with Tor Lindstrand
produced by TEMPORARY NATIONAL THEATRE at The Royal Theatre of Denmark

In a recent publication of essaistic fragments on theater work, Anders Paulin writes:
"I feel an aversion against filling out the gaps; also an increasing suspicion towards the intentions behind my own rhetorics. Time after time I seem to reveal my linguistic figures with seeking connections and truths where there are none."
In his directing, Paulin has become known for uncovering the gaps, dislodging texts and gestures so as to avoid falsely cohesive appearances and statements. Some find it deeply annoying that Paulin never just tells a story, as it is. Others, like me, get intellectually stimulated by his kaleidoscopic stagings, with continuous disruptions, antitheses and comments. Anders Paulin is using the theatre space as a cultural arena for polyphonic examinations.

Theresa Benér, Teaterkritik

KAKFA (FAAKK aka AAKFK) dealt with the work of Franz Kafka as a post-national subject, within the limits and possibilities of a temporary national stage, conceived by TNT as an interplay between drama and intervention.
The project was built as a two part program exploring the relationship between private and public cultural programming, where the proceeds paid for the first part made possible the second part, which was free and open to the general public.

Part 1 - the play, was a destabilizing journey through the themes of estrangement, subjectivity, and representation suggested in the work of Franz Kafka. It was set up as a map to get lost, redrafting the dilemmas of the modern individual.

Part 2 - the intervention into the National Theatre, was curated as a series of interventions, events, and projects by variety of individuals involved in contemporary art, architecture, film, performance and other fields invited to respond to the audience's journey into this adaptation of the work of Franz Kafka.

KAAKF (FKAAK aka AAKKF) was a project by and with: Janni Faurschou, Oliver Frljic, Joachim Hamou, Hugo Hopping, Jakob Jacobsen, Tor Lindstrand, Lene Mirdal, Anders Mossling, Anders Paulin, Goran Sergej Pristas (BADco.), Maria Rossing, Ulrika Pii Zeuthen and many more. copy_v2.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg