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Camp X, Copenhagen 2009

Whatever singularity it is not about
having this or that property, or
belonging to this or that set
whatever being is reclaimed for its being-such
love is not directed at this or that property,
it wants the loved one with
all of their predicates,
it wants their being such as it is

Whatever adds to singularity
only an emptiness, only a threshold:
Whatever is a singularity plus
an empty space, a singularity
that is finite and, nonetheless,
indeterminable according to a concept.
But a singularity plus an empty space
can only be a pure exteriority, a
pure exposure. Whatever, in this sense,
is the event of an outside.

The outside is not another space
that resides beyond a determinate
space, but rather, it is the passage,
the exteriority that gives it access –
in a word, it is its face, its eidos.
The threshold is not, in this sense,
another thing with respect to the limit;
it is, so to speak, the experience of
the limit itself, the experience
of being-within an outside.

(ur The Coming Community, Giorgio Agamben)

The project was a staged re-make of Le Mèpris, Godard´s filmatization of the novel by Alberto Moravia.
By sharing the task of the film - how to tell the Odyssey? what artistic representation do we have available to imagine that what begins where humanity ends? - the project was conceived as a discourse on the possibility of different media to build functioning encounters with the Other.