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Productions, dramaturg & director
2019 Three White Soldiers (The Exhibition), Paulin&Forsman - Skövde Konsthall
2019 Soon After, Or Just Before, Paulin&Forsman - Black Box, Oslo
2018 I See The Rocky Island Again, Schönberg/Paulin - Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad
2017 Double Feature, Hölderlin/Mieville/Paulin/Cvejic - Nationaltheatret, Oslo
2017 Three White Soldiers III/The Lyre, Paulin/Forsman - Skogen, Gbg
2015-16 Three White Soldiers II/Rock This World - Skogen Gbg, Weld Sthlm, Inkonst Malmö
2014 Parzival, Ekdahl/Eschenbach - Backateatern, Gothenburg
2014-15 Three White Soldiers Paulin/Forsman - Skogen/Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cairo
2012 Wild Duck, Ibsen - Nationaltheatret, Oslo
2012-13 Neither You Nor Me, Paulin&Mossling - MDT/Black Box/Caféteatret
2011 Vertical Gardening/The Carpet Jalazoun/Dura, Palestine (with Sara Gebran)
2010 StarFish, Lorca/Hitchcock/Derrida/Paulin - Teater Halland
2010 Temporary National Theater, Kafka/Paulin - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen
2009 Le Mépris, Godard/Moravia/Homer - Teater Camp X, Copenhagen
2008 Gösta Berlings Saga, Lagerlöf - Uppsala Stadsteater
2008 Dr K, Hamou/Paulin - Uppsala Stadsteater
2007 Gösta Berlings Saga, Lagerlöf - Theater Basel
2006 Woyzeck, Büchner - Nationaltheater Mannheim
2005 Mephisto, Mann/Paulin - Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
2004 Mefisto, Mann/Paulin - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen
2004 A Midsummernight's Dream, Shakespeare - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen
2003 Mutter Courage, Brecht - Royal Dramatic Theater, Stockholm
2003 Kasimir und Karoline, Horvath - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen
2003 Miss Sara Sampson, Lessing - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen
2002 Cleansed, Kane - Den Nationale Scene, Bergen
2002 Paradise Hotel, Feydeau - Uppsala Stadsteater
2002 Farvel Tomas, Panduro - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen
2001 I Hired a Contract Killer, Kaurismäki - Mammutteatret, Copenhagen
2001 Dirty Hands, Sartre - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen
2000 Faust, Goethe - Malmö Dramatiska Teater
2000 Sir Bengt’s Wife, Strindberg - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen
1999 Folkhemsnatten, Hallberg - Malmö Dramatiska Teater
1999 Cyrano, Gottfridsson - Malmö Dramatiska Teater
1998 Comrades, Strindberg - Radioteatern
1998 Der Drang, Kroetz - Malmö Dramatiska Teater
1998 Stella, Goethe - Stockholms Stadsteater
1997 Comrades, Strindberg - Malmö Dramatiska Teater
1997 The Pelican, Strindberg - Stockholms Stadsteater
1996 Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare - Stockholms Stadsteater

Essays, Publications
Twin Figure of Mimesis, essay collection published by Skogen Community Press (2018)
The Collapse of Fantasy – Imagery in the Real of Production (Weld year-book, 2015)
Speed & Gravity: Sandra Bullock and a Resurrection of the Institution (Frakcija, 2015)
Temporality & Dislocation of Self, editor 2014
123 Fragment, theoretical research and writing at Department for Research and Development, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts 2009.
Konst som Strategi, historical analysis at Department for Research and Development, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts 2007

Projects, Curator/Platforms
2018-2023 PARA, A Nordic Para-Institutional Platform - Skogen, Weld, Black Box
2016 Fiction|Reality, performance program - Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
2014-2015 Three White Soldiers - Skogen, Göteborg, with Johan Forsman
2012 Participatory vs Consensus - Göteborgs Dans- och Teaterfestival
2010 Temporary National Theatre - Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen

Teaching, Workshops and Coaching
Master and Bachelor students at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts 2008-2019
PhD Canditates, Uniarts Stockholm 2018-19
Dancers, Choreographers, Directors, Scenographers, Lightdesigners and Producers at The Danish National School of Performing Arts 2008-2016
Bachelor and Master students at the Academy of Dramatic, Zagreb May 2014, December 2018
MA students KhiO, Oslo 2017-

Fiction|Reality, conference at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen October 2016 (co-produced with Dansehallerne, The Danish School of Performing Arts, The Royal Danish Art Academy and Sara Gebran)
Non-Mimetic Practices, 2 year research, Danish National School of Performing Arts 2015-16
123 Fragment, theoretical research and writing at Department for Research and Development, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts 2009.

Productions, dramaturgy
2011 La Lucha Libre/TPAM Japan, with Sara Gebran
2010 Vertical Gardening/Westbank Palestine, with Sara Gebran
2010 Vertical Exile/StockholmStockholm, with Sara Gebran
2009 Vertical Exile/West BankPalestine, with Sara Gebra
1994 The Seagull, Chechov Norrköping, director Hilda Hellwig
1994 Schroffenstein, Kleist Malmö, director Staffan Valdemar Holm

Journalism at Journalisthögskolan, Stockholm 1987-89
Dramaturgy at Dramatiska Institutet, Stockholm 1991-94